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All our products are clean, pure and sustainable, just as nature intended. Our carbon footprint is fully offset through planting and wetland restoration. 100% full circle - Biodiversity-positive products mean all the profits from your purchase go directly back into conservation, community and culture at Tahi.

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Smooth, sweet and a little runny, with a complex, full-bodied taste.


Rich, golden, intense and malty, with unique butterscotch flavour.


Our tangiest Manuka honey: rich, complex and deliciously intense.


Our most rare and precious honey.


Less sweet, more ‘savoury’ flavours. Rich, tasty & moderately tangy.


Rich, tasty and moderately tangy with distinctive Manuka flavours.


A favourite: moderately sweet & tangy, well balanced flavours


Smooth, sweet & well balanced with a delightful Manuka ‘tang’.


Sweet and mildly tangy, smooth & creamy with a clean, pure finish.


Smooth and aromatic, with a sweet, crisp and delicately floral taste.


Sweet, smooth and mildly tangy with a unique depth of flavour.


A traditional sweet honey with unique notes of native forest flowers.