Tahi’s wildly remote location means our honey has a unique taste all of its own. From our hives to your hands, we treat honey with the respect it deserves. 100% Full Circle – Biodiversity-positive honey. No overheating, no pasteurising, no artificial anything. Tahi honey is fully traceable to source and free from GMOs and GE, with no added sugar or water, and absolutely, passionately, no chemicals. That way, you know it’s 100% natural … just as nature intended.


Rich, golden, intense and malty, with unique butterscotch flavour.


Smooth, sweet and a little runny, with a complex, full-bodied taste.


Our most rare and precious honey.


Smooth and aromatic, with a sweet, crisp and delicately floral taste.


Well balanced, lightly floral, sweet and earthy.


Our bees nourish the land and its plants, returning life and vitality to the earth.


Hard-working bees and their delicious honey are the heart of what we do.


In our New Zealand home, we’re helping rare native birds to thrive in the wild.


Less sweet, more ‘savoury’ flavours. Rich, tasty & moderately tangy.


Smooth, sweet & well balanced with a delightful Manuka ‘tang’.


Sweet, smooth and mildly tangy with a unique depth of flavour.


A delicious collection of two of our most popular honeys: Tahi UMF5+ and Tahi Forest Honey.


A very special collection of two of our most sought-after honeys, revered for containing high quantities of Manuka's unique, natural properties.


Sweet and mildly tangy, smooth & creamy with a clean, pure finish.


Our tangiest Manuka honey: rich, complex and deliciously intense.


Rich, tasty and moderately tangy with distinctive Manuka flavours.


A favourite: moderately sweet & tangy, well balanced flavours


A traditional sweet honey with unique notes of native forest flowers.

Tasting Guide

Tahi has a UMF rating of up to 23, which means it’s as pure and authentic as Manuka honey can get. That’s because UMF is a global standard that measures the purity and quality of Manuka and its unique, natural properties. Another trusted standard is MGO, which stands for methylglyoxal (the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special).

100% Natural


From our hives to your hands, we treat our honey with the respect it deserves. No overheating, no pasteurising and no artificial anything. Tahi honey has no GMOs, GE, added sugar or water, and absolutely, passionately, no chemicals. That way, you know it’s 100% natural … just as nature intended. Read More.


The UMF® trademark is your guarantee that our honey is genuine New Zealand Manuka honey, containing high levels of natural pollens. Tahi honey has a UMF rating of up to 20+, which means it’s as pure and authentic as Manuka honey can get. So you know you’re getting a real honey of a honey.


Rich and golden, smooth and creamy, sweet yet mild … and so good for you! Made from the nectar of New Zealand’s native Manuka flowers, Manuka honey is revered for its unique medicinal qualities. And emerging research shows that it’s even more active than previously thought – make a beeline to www.umf.org.nz.

Award Winning


Tahi honey is eco-friendly, carbon neutral and biodiversity positive, with 100% of profits going directly towards conservation, community and culture. By planting thousands of trees and restoring nearly 30 hectares of wetlands, we fully offset our carbon footprint (including our jars of honey). Not surprisingly, we’ve received several awards for our environmental and sustainable practices.


Our family’s love of beekeeping (and the environment) goes back many generations. Together with our hard-working team, we’ve spent over a decade restoring Tahi into a world-class wetland sanctuary and ecological retreat that benefits our local community today – and leaves a legacy for future generations. Read More.

Our Friends The Bees

We respect and care for our bees. This means our honey is as natural as nature meant it to be: with no added sugar water, corn syrup, antibiotics or chemicals. And our bees seem to respect us in return. We hardly ever wear gloves when we’re working with them, which is sign of a well-cared-for hive.


At Tahi, we don’t use pollen traps because they can damage bees’ delicate wings, nor do we collect bee venom as it can harm or even kill bees. And, rather than stripping our hives of honey, we leave our bees with a box of honey per hive to keep them well fed over winter months – because healthy bees make healthy honey! Read more.


Most weeks, Tahi turns into a hive of activity as we host schools, open days and beekeeper education events, sharing our knowledge and our love of bees with our ‘Bees in Schools’ programme. It’s our way of ensuring that future generations know how important it is to be a bee. Read more.

Ethical Honey,
in Every Way


There’s a good reason we feature native New Zealand birds on our packaging. That’s because conservation is at the heart of Tahi, and everything we do. Where once our land had 14 bird species, we now have 70 – including native Kiwi and 23 rare and threatened species (more than some of New Zealand’s national parks!). Read more.


At Tahi, we follow a sustainable philosophy we call the ‘4Cs’ community, culture, conservation and commerce. These guide us in every decision we make from conserving wildlife to using 100% renewable energy; from preserving local culture to teaching future generations to take care of our planet – and our bees. Read more..


Tahi is all about community and partnerships. We work with local landowners so that we can place our hives on some of the most beautiful, untouched land in the world (and we believe in paying them fairly). We support local businesses, create local jobs and we’re big believers in helping to preserve local culture, too. Read more..