Honey For Your Own Busy Bees

Honey for your own busy bees. Beelicious by name, delicious by nature – sweet, smooth, creamy and oh-so-yummy. Honey from wildly remote New Zealand native forests, Beelicious is a little wild and a lot delicious. Our biodiversity-positive honey contains no GMOs, GE, added sugar or water – and it’s guaranteed to be chemical free, too. Every jar sold contributes to Tahi’s Bee Friends Programme for kids.


In our New Zealand home, we’re helping rare native birds to thrive in the wild.


Hard-working bees and their delicious honey are the heart of what we do.


Our bees nourish the land and its plants, returning life and vitality to the earth.

Three Bee-spoke Designs

Our three collector jars represent Tahi’s environmental work:

LAND – located on a remote New Zealand coast, Tahi has been converted into an ecological reserve and nature sanctuary. Along the way, we’ve restored 14 wetlands, regenerated sand dunes, and planted over 320,000 locally sourced trees.

BEES – ensuring the health of our furry friends is central to Tahi’s philosophy and beekeeping practices. Our honey is ethically gathered from hives that thrive in wild, remote and spray-free habitats.

BIRDS – from just 14 bird species when we began, Tahi now plays host to 70 bird species, including rare and endangered birds like New Zealand’s native Kiwi.

For Kids (and grown ups) Who Care

Beelicious honey celebrates our love of bees, birds and the land, so it’s a perfect way to connect children to nature and teach them the importance of saving the planet (and its honey bees). Our honey is made to the highest ethical standards. At Tahi, we are carbon neutral and biodiversity positive, with 100% of profits going directly into conserving our land, culture and community.

Taking Care Of Our Planet – And The Bees

At Tahi, we’re committed to the highest ethical standards. We use only ethical harvesting and production techniques, and we NEVER overheat, pasteurise or add anything artificial, to our honey. Click to Learn More…

Bee Friends Programme 2020/2021

As part of this environmental work Tahi is delighted to introduce to you our Bee Friends programme. This initiative sees us partner with local schools to educate and raise awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping to students. We have been running this programme for 2 years and currently have beehives in 4 primary schools in the Whangarei area. Tahi would now like to offer this programme to other schools that may wish to incorporate it into their curriculum.  Click below to learn more…